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About Us

sunset chasers 

We take pictures of the sun and post them. we have a love for chasing the sun.

If you want to relax look at some of our pictures. They are all un-edited photos. The sun looks just how it looks on the screen. No sunset is ever the same, we are here to capture all the breathtaking sunsets. This is our passion and we are on a mission to share our love for the sun with you.

why we do this

We do this because we want to share our love for the sun, sunsets, and sunrises. We want to help you escape from the real world and see the beauty of nature. We encourage you to do what you love. 

The meaning behind this is to follow dreams and have fun while doing this. We love that we have the opportunities to do this everyday. Maybe one day we can get somewhere far with this dream and passion. That is the next step for us.
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